1. Deposit money only in the below available accounts to get the fastest credits and avoid possible delays.

2. Deposits made 45 minutes after the account removal from the site are valid & will be added to their wallets.

3. Site is not responsible for money deposited to Old, Inactive or Closed accounts.

4. After deposit, add your UTR and amount to receive balance.

5. NEFT receiving time varies from 40 minutes to 2 hours.

6. In case of account modification: payment valid for 1 hour after changing account details in deposit page.

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1. This form is for withdrawing the amount from the main wallet only.

2. The bonus wallet amount cannot be withdrawn by this form.

3. Do not put Withdraw request without betting with deposit amount. Such activity may be identified as Suspicious.

4. If multiple users are using same withdraw account then all the linked users will be blocked.

5. Maximum Withdraw time is 45 minutes then only complain on WhatsApp number.

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